Helsinki (22.02.2012 - Heikki Jokinen) The union confederation SAK supports the idea of creating a national strategy aimed at attracting foreign investment to Finland. However, SAK is disappointed with the proposals* put forward by Jorma Eloranta, the retired CEO of Metso.

SAK regards the proposals to cut company taxes as "unrealistic" and "unnecessary". The level of company taxation in Finland is nowadays below the average level of Western European countries, SAK points out.

"Finland can be attractive to foreign investors only if it can offer them versatile skills, a predictable tax policy, incorruptible administration and stable circumstances", says Matti Tukiainen, the director of industrial policy at SAK. The proposals to improve the competitiveness of the forest industry should be implemented without delay, and SAK demands urgent action be taken to bring this about. The Paper Workers' Union shares this view.

*One-man-committee Jorma Eloranta: More investment in Finland urgently needed, MEE press release 15.02.2012