Helsinki (11.04.2012 - Heikki Jokinen) The Finnish pension insurance company Ilmarinen says it may withdraw it's investments from the Finnish auto parts company PKC due to the restrictions being placed on trade union work in their Mexican factory.

PKC's Mexican subsidiary Arneses y Accesorios de Mexico signed a collective agreement with a union the workers do not want to represent them. Three union presidents in Finland, Riku Aalto (Finnish Metalworkers' Union), Antti Rinne (Pro) and Pertti Porokari (Union of Professional Engineers), sent a letter to PKC’s CEO to protest vigorously at the decision that had been taken by management.

In the letter they charged unequivocally that the agreement was an attempt to prevent genuine trade union work and in violation of ILO conventions.

Ilmarinen is the biggest owner of PKC. Ilmarinen's representatives have been in contact with PKC and asked the company to explain its behaviour at its factory in Mexico. Ilmarinen stresses that it does not accept any breaches of international conventions.

Ilmarinen follows a responsible investment policy, and as a last resort, reserves the right to withdraw from ownership of a company, Ilmarinen's Head of Responsible Investments Anna Hyrske told the public broadcaster YLE News .

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