Helsinki (12.09.1997 - Juhani Artto) One in four workers are ready for a shorter working week without full compensation. This is the rank and file attitude in the Chemical workers union in Finland.

A majority, 74 per cent, says yes to shorter week only if income levels do not fall. 20 per cent approve a slight slide in incomes in favour of shorter working hours. Five per cent of those union members interviewed accept equal cuts in the total number of working hours and in total incomes.

Among unemployed union members the attitude is more flexible. 56 per cent reject the idea of lowering income levels, 26 per cent approve of some lowering, while 14 per cent accept equal cuts in incomes and working time.

The study was made in May-June 1997, based on a sample of 1090 union members. 31,4 per cent responded to the survey.