JHL (05.09.2016 - Heikki Jokinen) The JHL Union Council elected Päivi Niemi-Laine to continue as the JHL President at the beginning of September.

She has been President of JHL since June when the previous President Jarkko Eloranta was elected President of SAK, the Central Organization of Finnish Trade Unions.

Päivi Niemi-Laine has been working in JHL since 2009. And from 2012 until June she has been JHL Vice President and Chief Executive Officer.

Håkan Ekström was elected new Chief Executive Officer, replacing Niemi-Laine in that role. And he will also assume the position of Vice President.

Ekström has been working as the JHL Head of Bargaining for municipalities, church and welfare services since 2012. Before that he was Head of Bargaining for the private sector from 2006. Ekström began working for JHL and its predecessors as far back as 1992.

Teija Asara-Laaksonen is to continue as the other Chief Executive Officer. She has been working in this position since 2005 when JHL was established as an amalgamation of several public sector unions.

All three represent JHL on the board of SAK.

The term of JHL President and two Chief Executive Officers continues until the end of this term of the Union Council in June 2017.

JHL Union Council elections will be held in spring 2017. The new Union Council will meet in Helsinki 5.–7.6.2017 and will then elect the new JHL leadership and Executive Committee for the next five years.