JHL (07.10.2016 - Heikki Jokinen) JHL is concerned about the Finnish Government’s desire to continually cut earnings-related unemployment benefits.

By the decision of the Government parties the maximum length of earnings-related unemployment benefit will already be cut by 100 days, from 500 days to 400 days in the beginning of 2017. For those who have been active in working life less than three years the number of days will be cut from 400 to 300.

But now the Government is planning even more cuts in unemployment benefits.
- The Government must now find the new jobs to balance the cuts in income of wage and salary earners agreed in the national competitiveness pact, says JHL President Päivi Niemi-Laine.

- Now more than ever the Government must bring on board company owners. They must be given an obligation to create jobs and employ people. Otherwise employees are in a vicious circle of becoming poorer and poorer.

When drafting the national competitiveness pact the Government promised 35 000 new jobs, Niemi-Laine reminds us.
- We are waiting eagerly for this. The purchasing power of public sector employees will be negative next year.

Niemi-Laine also wonders why the Government is now drafting a new pact for employment, even before the national competitiveness pact comes into force. The Government plans to make additional cuts in earnings-related unemployment benefits.

- The transparent goal of the Government is to crush the trade union movement's position in society and dip into the wallets of low-income female dominated sectors.