Helsinki (28.05.2013 - Juhani Artto / Heikki Jokinen) The publisher of Trade Union News from Finland is about to change. Heikki Jokinen will take over responsibility for the publication as of the 29 May 2013. Jokinen steps in for Juhani Artto who first established the newsletter in 1997 and has acted as publisher ever since. Artto will continue to serve as co-publisher up until the end of 2013, the post Jokinen has held from January-May 2013.

"I am very pleased with this handover and feel safe in the knowledge that this new arrangement will safeguard the continuity of the publication. Also, the union organizations who are instrumental in making the publication financially viable, have given their blessing to the new publisher", Artto says.

"Within Finnish working life and the trade union movement many things happen that are good to know outside of Finland and among non-Finnish speaking immigrant labour in Finland. Trade Union News from Finland has been a tool for reporting these things."

Along with the new publisher the web address of Trade Union News from Finland also changes. The new one is