Helsinki (24.11.2017 - Heikki Jokinen). The Paper Workers' Union finally got a new collective agreement and the Finnish Electrical Workers' Union reached an agreement that ended their strike in the technology industry.

The Finnish Industrial Union reached a two year pay deal with a 3.2 per cent pay rise in the technology sector from the beginning of November. Several other collective agreements have now been now agreed offering a similar pay rise.

The negotiations in the paper industry were deadlocked and the situation tense after employers offered a zero pay rise. The Paper Workers' Union responded by imposing an overtime ban. As paper mills are run by a minimal staff, this was an effective way by which to make a point.

The employers came back to the negotiation table and an agreement was made. The new paper workers' collective agreement gives a 3.5 per cent pay rise and is in place for two years.

Another difficult issue concerning the electrical workers' collective agreement within the technology industry has also been solved. The employers wanted to include it in the Finnish Industrial Union agreement for the branch.

The Finnish Electrical Workers' Union wanted to keep their own agreement and shop stewards and elected to go out on strike. One thousand electrical workers went on strike for one week in the technology industry.

In a compromise deal made the Union forfeit its own collective agreement. Instead of the existing shop stewards electrical workers will have the right to have a contact person, who has similar rights and protection against dismissal as existing shop stewards.

The contact person will work closely together with the shop steward of the Finnish Industrial Union as electrical workers in the technology industry are now a part of their collective agreement.

This deal does not have any effect on the other Finnish Electrical Workers' Unions collective agreements. The Union Board has for example accepted in November a collective agreement for the electrical workers in the paper and pulp industry.

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