Helsinki (07.12.2011 - Juhani Artto) The Electrical Workers' Union announced on Friday that it has settled the dispute concerning the arbitrary sacking of dozens of organized Polish electricians at the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant construction site.

The Polish company Elektrobudowa SA has committed itself to re-employing all of the electricians it sacked in mid-November.

However, their jobs will not be in Finland but in Poland. Their status will improve nonetheless, as they will now have permanent employment relations as opposed to the temporary arrangement they had in Finland.

The company also committed itself to abiding by Finnish labour market practises if in the future it decides to cut jobs at Olkiluoto. In the event of redundancies the company will not be allowed to replace the sacked employees with new employees, use agency labour as replacements or subcontract out the work.

The settlement does not concern the dispute on unpaid wages, overtime compensation and holiday pay.

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