Tekijä (11.10.2023 - Heikki Jokinen) In June this year, Finland got a new Government. It is composed of right-wing and far-right parties, led by PM Petteri Orpo and the Minister of Finance Riikka Purra.

From the very start, it has been difficult to determine exactly where ministers stand on the question of racism. One minister has had to resign after being exposed flirting with nazi voters.

However, now the Orpo-Purra Government is moving on to their real goal: to undermine employees' status in labour laws, and restrict the right to strike. These changes go hand in hand with drastic cuts in social welfare, in particular to earnings-related unemployment benefits and housing allowance.

All the Orpo-Purra Government plans are taken unilaterally from the employers wish list, making this autumn an early Christmas for them. This government only serves employers and company owners. The employees' position in working life is under grave threat.

Unfortunately, this is no mere political propaganda. The list of planned government measures is long and sad. They want to make it easier to dismiss employees and allow temporary employment to operate for up to one year.

No more pay for the first day of sick leave and shorter notification and bargaining periods for temporary lay-offs. Job alternation leave is to be abolished, as well as adult education benefits to learn a new trade.

The official justification for strongly favouring employers at the cost of employees, is to save the Finnish economy and boost employment. In reality, weakening the position of employees will have no real effect on the Finnish economy. Especially not, when the government is at the same time cutting tax for high earners. It is an ideologically motivated decision.

The Industrial Union knows where it stands: on the side of wage and salary earners. It will do everything it can to defend its members rights to decent work, income and social security.

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