Tekijä (15.11.2023 - Heikki Jokinen) One of the most draconian changes the Finnish right-wing Government is planning is to make dismissals easier. At present, our law requires “relevant and serious grounds” for a dismissal. The Orpo-Purra Government will drop the serious grounds and allow relevant grounds as sufficient reason for dismissal .

This is clearly designed to make dismissal easier. In law, even a simple word can make a difference and is not dropped without serious grounds.

The German economy has been doing well for decades. Yet, dismissal is much more difficult there than here, and no Government has attempted to challenge that.

Giving long terms of notice is the norm and depends on the length of your employment. Firing someone needs reasons defined in the law.

In Germany, in every company with more than five employees they can form a works council. It has a lot to say in the company.

In case of dismissal, the works council must be heard. It will find out whether the dismissal is legal. If it disagrees, the dismissal is not valid and the employer can take the case to the labour court.

The radical dismissal policy of the Orpo-Purra Government is not based on bolstering the economy, but on ideology. The Government has chosen its side. Which side are you on?