Tekijä (13.12.2023 - Heikki Jokinen) The Government Programme of Finland's right-wing government is a barter-like arrangement between the two major Government parties, the National Coalition Party and the Finns Party.

The Coalition Party got major changes favouring employers in the labour laws, like limiting the right to strike, and radical cuts in welfare. The Finns Party got a long list of changes to make life more difficult for foreign people living in Finland.

Proposals for such new legislation have not been formulated yet. However, the Government Programme lists several pages of measures that would negatively affect foreign born people living in Finland or planning to move here.

One startling change is that those holding work-based residence permits must find a new job within three months if the previous job ends. If not, he or she must leave the country, even after living and working in Finland for a long time. Employers must notify the authorities of a termination of employment of people with work-based residence permits. If not, they will be penalised.

In future, to obtain a residence permit an employed person must earn the minimum defined in the sector's collective agreement, but at least 1,600 euro gross income a month.

For a permanent residence permit, one must have lived six years in Finland. That has to include two years work without a prolonged period of unemployment benefit or social assistance. Also, there will be a language test in Finnish or Swedish.

With an income of more than 40 000 euro a year or academic degree it is possible to get the residence permit after four years in Finland.

For naturalisation, the required time to live in Finland is to be extended to six years. There will be a quiz-like citizenship test and a language test.

The government also plans to separate immigrants' social security from that of Finns. Read: to cut social security for immigrants. This idea might still run into constitutional problems and fail. Those illegally in the country will have no right to health care, except in cases of emergency.