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Helsinki (21.10.2021 - Heikki Jokinen) The keys to opening up collective bargaining for the technology industry are now in the employers hands, says the Industrial Union. The existing national generally binding collective agreement runs out at the end of November.

The process of negotiations has changed since the former agreement partner Technology Industries of Finland decided in March 2021 to pull out of all collective bargaining. They established a new association, the Technology Industry Employers of Finland, to negotiate on behalf of those companies that are willingly to join it.

Negotiations should be going on now as time is running out. Yet in spite of that the new employers' association moves very slowly. It does not even tell which companies have joined it and will accept new members next time at the end of October.

Helsinki (14.10.2021 - Heikki Jokinen) The forestry industry giant Stora Enso has agreed upon a company based collective agreement with the Paper Workers' Union. The deal is for 28 months and will raise pay by 4.7 per cent.

In October 2020, the Finnish forestry companies declared that in the future they will only make collective agreements on a single company basis. So far the paper workers have been covered by one generally binding collective agreement. Now, the Paper Workers' Union must negotiate more than 40 separate collective agreements.

Stora Enso is the first forestry company to make a company based deal. This has created some hope that there will not be complete chaos in the branch when the existing national agreement expires at the end of December.

Helsinki (01.10.2021 - Heikki Jokinen) In September, the Metsä Group announced it would not abide by the court ruling in a case concerning terms of employment.

Needless to say, the unions were totally flabbergasted by this. In Finland, court decisions are sacrosanct and up until now have always been obeyed, both by unions and employers.

The background to the dispute is the infamous deal in 2016, when PM Juha Sipilä’s right-wing Government forced almost all trade unions to accept 24 unpaid annual extra working hours in their collective agreements.

Helsinki (15.09.2021 - Heikki Jokinen) Journalists from Afghanistan have arrived safely in Finland, say the Union of Journalists in Finland UJF. The Union accommodates them with their family members temporarily in flats the union owns.

For security reasons, the Union cannot disclose yet how many people have arrived and how they got to Finland.

"Afghan journalists and fixers have been helping Finns to get information from the region. Now it is our turn to help", said UJF President Hanne Aho in a press release in September.