Tämä sivu välittää tietoa suomalaisesta työelämästä ja ammattiyhdistysliikkeestä kansainväliselle yleisölle. Se on siksi saatavilla vain englanniksi.

Tekijä (13.04.2023 - Heikki Jokinen) More than 53,000 members voted in the Industrial Union elections. They elected 442 delegates to represent members at the Industrial Union congress in Tampere in May 2023.

This makes the voter turnout 43.2 per cent, which is a good result in union elections. Especially as these were the first union elections for the Industrial Union, there are tens of thousands of new members since the last elections, the Union President Riku Aalto stresses.

The First Vice President Turja Lehtonen points out that employers closely follow voters’ activity. This voter turnout underlines the strong justification for representing members and for collective bargaining, Lehtonen says.

Yhteistyön Tekijät, the alliance of Social Democrats and non-aligned, got 64.2 per cent of the votes. Teollisuuden Vaikuttajat, the alliance of Left Alliance and non-aligned, share of the votes was 35.7 cent. The rest, 0.1 per cent, went to the alliance of the Centre Party and non-aligned.

Tekijä (13.04.2023 - Heikki Jokinen) In the parliamentary elections 2 April, two MPs with a background in the Industrial Union were elected in the Finnish Parliament: Social Democrats Niina Malm from Imatra and Timo Suhonen from Varkaus.

In her election campaign, Niina Malm focused on working life issues, and in her interview with this magazine she thinks that these are important for voters. She was re-elected and garnered 8 180 votes, the second highest in her electoral district Southeast Finland.

Malm became involved in politics in 2008 as she was in three-shift work at the steel factory and, as the mother of small children, faced the problems to balance work and family life.

Helsinki (17.12.2022 - Heikki Jokinen) Since August 1997, Trade Union News from Finland has been publishing and distributing, in English, news concerning trade union work and working life in Finland. Now, unfortunately, this has come to an end: this is the last piece of news from us.

This news service is one of the oldest trade union news services on the web, and was started by journalist Juhani Artto. He continued this work until May 2013, when journalist Heikki Jokinen took it over. In 2023, he has to focus on other work and is no longer able to provide this service.

During the more than 25 years of activity, the number of news articles published has been about one thousand.

Helsinki (15.12.2022 - Heikki Jokinen) Unions belonging to SAK are intensifying their cooperation in the ongoing collective bargaining round. The reason behind this is the total logjam in private sector collective bargaining as the employers are unwilling to agree to anything before a deal in the technology industry is struck.

SAK, the Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions says this also entails organisational cooperation, if necessary, to reach results in collective bargaining.

"The unions' boards decide on the practical actions, but the goal is to get a deal that gives a negotiating result comparable with the one reached in Germany for the industry". SAK President Jarkko Eloranta says.